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Update from the CEIRP Office: October 2020

Join the CEIRP Social Communities! CEIRP now has its own bilingual Facebook and Twitter communities. We’ll be posting financial tips and other information you can use, especially throughout November which is Financial Literacy Month. So be sure to follow us — we’ll even follow you back!

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Market Matters: September 2020

Highlights: COVID-19’s second wave offers up a new round of uncertainty for businesses. The Federal Reserve kept their Fed funds target range steady at between 0% to 0.25%. September losses give back some of their summer-time equity market gains. Oil prices fell on rising concerns over weak global demand if lockdown measures return. Click here [...]

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“Freedom 65+” is Now the New Normal

Do you remember the “Freedom 55” ads? These days, retiring in your 50s is only for a lucky few. “Freedom 65+” is more realistic for most Canadians. And according to Benefits Canada, it’s not merely realization facing Boomers and Gen Xers; Millennials are also coming to the same conclusion. Of course, when you work in [...]

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A Retirement Planning Tip for Women: Contribute Early and Often

This year, the United Nations increased the average Canadian life expectancy to 82.52, an .18% increase over 2019, with the average Canadian woman living to 84. Also, the gender pay gap continues to decrease. So for these two reasons, it’s important that women are proactive about their retirement plan. Saving consistently and as early as [...]

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