Here are some ideas on how to stay financially disciplined starting in your 20s through to your 40s: 

Do you know where your money goes? Knowing how you spend money now will benefit you in the long-term. There are lots of financial apps that you can try, which are designed to make budgeting and money management really easy — right from your smart phone! Be sure to track expenses like rent, groceries, utilities, transportation, savings, fun and clothing. Also include your debt and retirement savings. Remember, starting to save for retirement early makes sense because it allows you to take advantage of compounding interest.

You have more purchasing power now that you’re more established in your career. That also means that it’s easy to pack on the debt, too. Perhaps you own a house or a condo, you’ve leased a car, or maybe you’ve settled down now and have had a baby or two. If you were a diligent saver in your twenties, chances are you have a pile of cash put aside for a rainy day. If the opposite is true, then it’s time to shut down the debt before it snowballs into your forties. Try to pay off your credit cards each month or aim to pay more than the minimum. And always apply any new money to your debt. During this decade, try to put as much as you can afford into your RRSP. You’ll really appreciate it in your forties and beyond. Note: Check out this short article about good and bad debt on

Now that your debt is under control, how are your savings? Did you put away as much as you could for retirement and for emergencies? If you have kids, did you consider starting an RESP for their post-secondary education? If you were too focused on reducing your debt in the last decade, there’s still some time to catch up. Speak with a financial advisor about the best strategy for you to save for your child’s education, your retirement and other good habits to make your financial future secure.