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Contribute to your RRSP so you don’t leap over your 2023 tax savings!

2024 is a leap year – which means you have until Feb. 29 to contribute to your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). Why contribute? Putting money into an RRSP can help lower your income taxes today, while saving for tomorrow. Also, money saved in an RRSP grows tax-free. You’re taxed only on the withdrawals [...]

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Time to Fine Tune Your Investment Risk Tolerance

Back when the minutes were ticking away the old year, were you thinking ahead to your new year’s resolutions? Now that we’re almost done with January, there’s one new habit you should adopt: review your investor risk tolerance. It’s very simple: just redo the investor risk questionnaire to see if your investment objectives are [...]

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Start 2024 with a Refreshed Attitude Towards Your Money

We can all agree that the last few years have been difficult. Sometimes, our financial challenges may not have been just about our income. More often than not, it’s been tied to the decisions we make about how we use our money. And those decisions can be emotional, too. For example, we take pleasure [...]

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Tips on Managing Your Debt from the Experts at Canada Life

The first step to managing your debt is to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. Good debt helps you to build on an asset, like your mortgage or to finance your education. Bad debt occurs when you borrow money to purchase an item that reduces in value over time. Credit card [...]

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Member Spotlight: Gail Kennedy

In the late 70s, when Gail began her career as a make-up artist in Alberta, she and her husband were both working in theatre as members of Local 212. At that time, theatre companies didn’t make contributions to any retirement savings plan programs on behalf of employees. This wasn’t a problem with the [...]

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Updated – Important Deadlines: RRSP and TFSA Contributions for 2023-24

Click here to download "Important Deadlines for RRSP and TFSAs". The Canada Life call centre hours during the holiday season: Thursday, December 21 - Open during regular hours Friday, December 22 – GRS administration offices will have limited hours and will be open until noon ET; The Client Service Center will operate from 8 [...]

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Start 2024 Off Right With This Easy Money Saving Hack

As we come to the end of a year that has been difficult for many CEIRP members, we can look ahead to 2024 as a fresh start, especially when it comes to how we manage our money. With this in mind, here is a simple money hack that you can try that will help [...]

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Financial Expert Chris Enns offers his advice for getting through these challenging times

Chris Enns is a unique financial advisor: he also has experience on the stage as an opera singer. Unlike other advisors, he has personal experience with the cyclical highs and lows of working in the entertainment industry. That’s why we asked him for his advice on how many of our members can cope financially [...]

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For Members Affected by the Strikes

Please be advised that after careful consideration and monitoring of the ongoing labour actions in the U.S. resulting in a considerable work stoppage in the film and television industries in Canada for the past 5 or more months, the CEIRP Retirement Committee has enacted a temporary revision to Policy No. 3 for Extreme Hardship [...]

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The Importance of Having a Will and Designating your Beneficiary

It’s probably safe to say that not many of us have a written financial plan and maybe even fewer among us have a will. But, these are these are two very important pieces that help us to achieve our retirement and financial goals. So what would happen if you didn’t designate someone(s) to be [...]

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