Update from the CEIRP Office: January 2021

Glide Path Changes CEIRP always aims to make retirement saving easy for you. With simplicity in mind, the plan offers three investment style options: No Touch featuring the Cadence Target Date Funds, which offer a single-fund solution that leaves the decisions to investment professionals. Low Touch featuring the Portfolio Target Risk Funds, which are tailored [...]

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Update from the CEIRP Office: December 2020

New sign-in page for your CEIRP plan You may have noticed something a little different when you go to log on to your account on www.grsaccess.com. You, the Plan member, will be redirected to the new sign-in page, www.mycanadalifeatwork.com. From there, using your Access ID and password, you can access your CEIRP group retirement savings [...]

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Update from the CEIRP Office: November 2020

Some gentle reminders for you: Don’t forget that CEIRP now has social media communities, and we’d love for you to follow us. We’re on Twitter and Facebook — drop by with a “like”, to leave a comment or question, or just say hi! Looking forward to “friending” you! Don’t forget to send in your email [...]

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Update from the CEIRP Office: October 2020

Join the CEIRP Social Communities! CEIRP now has its own bilingual Facebook and Twitter communities. We’ll be posting financial tips and other information you can use, especially throughout November which is Financial Literacy Month. So be sure to follow us — we’ll even follow you back!

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Update from the CEIRP Office: September 2020

Reminder about CEIRP’s dedicated Investment and Retirement Managers at Canada Life The fastest way to successfully reach your goals is having a plan. This is especially true for  those close to retirement. Were you aware that Canada Life has three Investment and Retirement Managers dedicated to CEIRP members? They can help you: Create a plan [...]

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Update from the CEIRP Office: August 2020

An update about the RRSP Email Campaign: There has been a great response to our email campaign to encourage the Federal Government to allow our members and other Canadians to “borrow” from their RRSP with no tax implications during the pandemic. But there’s still more we need to do in order for this plan to [...]

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