A TFSA Refresher

TFSA stands for the Tax Free Savings Account Anyone can have an account—almost: Any Canadian resident over 18 years old can contribute to a TFSA. Annual limit: In 2021, the contribution limit for TFSA is $6000. For this year, your cumulative contribution limit is $75,500. Withdraw funds with ease: Unlike an RRSP, a TFSA [...]

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RRSP 101: Quick FAQs about Individual and Group RRSPs

Some members might not be sure about how Individual and Group RRSPs work. Here's a quick refresher sourced from the Canada.ca website: The Registered Retirement Savings Plan helps you save for retirement during your working years You can contribute 18% of your previous year’s income (total limit for 2020 is $27,230). The amount that [...]

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This year, staycations are an economic benefit for all

We can all agree that it’s been a long year and a half for everyone. As each day passes, the sense of renewed freedom is spreading across the country. Despite that, many of the local summertime events have been cancelled again this year. So, what can you do in your own backyard that will [...]

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Helping your child plan for their post-secondary education

We can all agree that this school year has been challenging and unpredictable. With so much uncertainty, it may seem ridiculous to even make plans for the next school year. But, things are looking up and September will be here soon enough, so it may be safe to start thinking ahead. And when it [...]

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Do you have a retirement savings strategy?

We all know that we need to have a strategy if we expect to reach our goals. The same can be said for saving for retirement. The idea is to define your retirement objectives and decide how you’ll achieve your savings plan. To get started, ask yourself: How do you picture life in retirement? [...]

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Three financial conversations to have before you say “I do”

As life slowly gets back to normal, we’re all looking forward to reasons to celebrate. In the coming months, an increase in weddings might be included in that list. So if you and your partner have been dreaming of when to have your big day, here are some financial conversations to consider before you [...]

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5 essential pieces to have in your estate plan

On the surface, estate planning isn’t very exciting. But, it’s actually an important part of your financial plan. It ensures that your assets are protected and that your final wishes are carried out correctly. Here are five essential pieces that you should include in your plan: Consult with a financial advisor and other experts: [...]

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