How to turn your money management into a game

We have all seen all the headlines: Canadian inflation is up 6.8%, gas prices are soaring, and everything is becoming more expensive. The rising cost of living also makes it harder to manage our money goals, like paying off debt and saving for rainier days. However, with a little creativity, you can make a [...]

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Additional Market Insights from Canada Life (English Only)

Market insight – Market volatility, fueled by multiple factors, may be here for the long term On this week’s episode of Soundbites: “Asset allocation and diversification are going to be your best friends on the market’s worst days,” says Jack Manley, Global Market Specialist with JPMorgan Asset Management. Hear Jack speak about asset allocation [...]

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Canada Life Webinar Recordings

2021 Campaign Getting Started – February 24, 2021 Getting Serious – May 19, 2021 Getting Close - September 22, 2021 http://canlife.co/2021webinars 2022 General Don’t let work and life drain you – Learn to recharge – May 4, 2022 Don’t let life drain you - Learn to recharge - YouTube 2022 Campaign Evaluate your savings [...]

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Helpful tips on how to sign on to view your RRSP account on MyCanadaLifeAtWork.com

There may be some confusion about how to sign in to access your CEIRP Group RSP through the MyCanadaLifeAtWork.com portal. The MyCanadaLifeAtWork.com portal serves two types of plans, GRS Access (Group RSP) and GroupNet (Group Health Benefits), but they are not integrated so the same credentials won’t work for both. To access your CEIRP [...]

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Canada Life Webinar: Don’t let work and life drain you – learn to recharge

When we feel overloaded, our tendency is to do just one more thing or push through. Managing this way actually depletes our energy and reduces our focus and productivity. This means we have to work harder and longer to get the same results we’d achieve if we took time to recharge. Participate in the [...]

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Understanding how investment income is taxed

Here’s a simple fact about growing your nest egg: making money is easy. Saving it can be the tricky part. That’s why it’s important to consider how your investments outside your RRSPs are taxed. To illustrate, here are three general tax treatment examples for an individual with an annual income of $85,000 and earning [...]

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