Galvanize Your 2021 Financial Resolution with an Emergency Savings Plan

We can all agree that it’s good that 2020 is finally over. It was a year of unprecedented volatility across all areas of life. And it shone a painful light on how carrying too much debt and too little savings can make everything even more difficult. The good news is that things are starting to [...]

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Looking forward to 2021: Reinvest in the simple things

Fatigue has been one of the recurring themes in 2020. Whether it be lockdown fatigue, isolation fatigue, cooking fatigue, Covid fatigue — you name it, we’ve been fed up. To be fair, there were times when we found reasons to smile. Many of us began to appreciate the simple things in life, and these really [...]

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Tips to Make the Most of this Unusual Tax Season

While it may be cliché to say this out loud, but we can agree that 2020 had more plot twists and turns than a high-grossing blockbuster. There have been so many unknowns and sources of anxiety: Will my project restart allowing me to work again? Will my government support be enough so that I can [...]

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Great Personal Finance Management Websites 

There are tons of great personal financial websites that offer advice on budgeting, goal setting and how to avoid/eliminate debt. Here are a few that you should check out: The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada: Covid-19 related personal financial tips Rags to Reasonable smartPATH  

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“Freedom 65+” is Now the New Normal

Do you remember the “Freedom 55” ads? These days, retiring in your 50s is only for a lucky few. “Freedom 65+” is more realistic for most Canadians. And according to Benefits Canada, it’s not merely realization facing Boomers and Gen Xers; Millennials are also coming to the same conclusion. Of course, when you work in [...]

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A Retirement Planning Tip for Women: Contribute Early and Often

This year, the United Nations increased the average Canadian life expectancy to 82.52, an .18% increase over 2019, with the average Canadian woman living to 84. Also, the gender pay gap continues to decrease. So for these two reasons, it’s important that women are proactive about their retirement plan. Saving consistently and as early as [...]

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It’s never too late to have a plan

Every year, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) conducts a survey to study how well Canadians understand and manage their personal finances. In May, the agency released its findings from the 2019 survey. What remains true is that Canadians still live pay cheque to pay cheque, are carrying a lot of debt, tend not [...]

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Tips for Protecting Your Home-based Business

If you count yourself among many creative professionals across Canada who run their businesses from home — especially now because of Covid — do you know how well you are protected from loss, damage or theft? You may be surprised to know that your regular home insurance may not cover your business. In fact, according [...]

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