A quick review of the RESP

Now that school is back in session, here’s a quick reminder of how the Registered Education Savings Plan works: It is a tax-sheltered account to save money for a child’s education Parents, grandparents, guardians, family members and friends can open an RESP It provides grants (CESG) and various other incentives Individual and family [...]

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What is the Life Long Learning Plan (LLP)?

If you and/or your spouse/common-law partner are thinking about going back to school, you can fund it by withdrawing $10,000 annually, up to a $20,000 maximum, from each of your RRSPs. Once you have finished your studies, you have ten (10) years to redeposit the amount you loaned yourself back into your RRSP [...]

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Make this the summer of TFSN: Tidy, Fix and Just Say No

We’ve all seen the headlines: almost every part of our lives is becoming more expensive. So here’s an idea that might help you out. Try the acronym TFSN — “tidy” up, “fix” it, and just “say no” thank you. Here’s how: Tidy: Maybe you don't really need more living space, maybe it's just time [...]

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