When CEIRP started in 2004 the Investment Management Fees were 1.1%. And there have been 5 fee reductions since 2004.  Effective December 15, 2019 the Investment Management Fees in the RRSP, NRSP, TFSA and the RRIF/LIF were reduced by 0.15% and are now 0.53%.

That’s just over a 22% Fee Reduction and over 32% for the RRIF/LIF!!

The ability to negotiate lower fees is the result of the buying strength of over 25,000 CEIRP members working together.

What does this mean for you?

Paying lower fees on your investments will increase your overall savings.

Here’s how CEIRP’s Low Fees increase member savings compared to the average Canadian Mutual Fund Fees.


Note: Average fee shown are investment management fees and exclude other expenses. A 4% rate of return, compounded annually was used for calculation purposes.