We can all agree that this school year has been challenging and unpredictable. With so much uncertainty, it may seem ridiculous to even make plans for the next school year. But, things are looking up and September will be here soon enough, so it may be safe to start thinking ahead. And when it comes to helping your child think about their post-secondary opportunities, time is actually on your side.

Encourage your kid(s) to think about:

  • What are their passions? If they have a number of interests, encourage them to explore every possibility and being open to changing their mind
  • What kind of program will be best — university, college or an apprenticeship?

Encourage them to start researching:

  • Have them look into a few schools to learn more about their programs, tuition and fees
  • Do some first-year cost analysis: If your child decides to go away to university, some of the expenses could include other incidental school fees, books, housing, food, transportation and entertainment

Paying for school:

  • Now that you have a couple of places in mind, how you will pay for it? Education savings, student loans, scholarship, part-time or full-time work in the summer and/or during the school year?
  • If nothing has been saved yet, now is the time to start. Consider opening an RESP account, now offered through CEIRP and managed by Canada Life

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