Fatigue has been one of the recurring themes in 2020. Whether it be lockdown fatigue, isolation fatigue, cooking fatigue, Covid fatigue — you name it, we’ve been fed up. To be fair, there were times when we found reasons to smile. Many of us began to appreciate the simple things in life, and these really are the things that make our lives richer.

So, as we inch closer to December 31, there is a sense of anticipation as we all look forward to shaking off this difficult year and starting fresh completely in 2021. It’s safe to say that collectively our new year’s resolution is to make this the best year ever, the one we should have had. And we can do that by building on those wonderful simple — and often, free things we rediscovered in 2020. For example:

  • Walking in nature: whether it be in a park in the city, a forest in the country, keep noticing wildlife, plants, trees, the sky. Just keep your eyes and ears open to the possibility of experiencing something wonderful.
  • Find time to play: Find as many ways to have fun and play as you can, whether you’re throwing a Frisbee around with a friend in the summer or skating on a rink in winter, stay active and vital.
  • Give yourself quiet time: Turn everything off – radio, phone, digital music, TV, social media – and give your senses a rest. Call it what you want, meditation or a nap, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel.
  • Keep nurturing relationships: Find ways to be social. Invest in your new and current friendships.
  • Last but not least, be kind to yourself and others: We’ve all been through the wringer, so let’s share a collective sigh of relief that we’ve persevered, and the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year!