We’ve all seen the headlines: almost every part of our lives is becoming more expensive. So here’s an idea that might help you out. Try the acronym TFSN — “tidy” up, “fix” it, and just “say no” thank you. Here’s how:

Tidy: Maybe you don’t really need more living space, maybe it’s just time to declutter. Consider donating your gently used furniture, toys and kitchen wares to a local charitable agency near you. In some cases, you might even receive a tax receipt.

Fix: When one of your electrical appliances breaks, consider whether it’s more cost effective to get it repaired or to simply replace it. Sometimes, it’s easier on your pocketbook and the environment to fix a higher-end appliance than buying a new one.

Just Say No: It’s not easy to stick to a budget when you’ve got a busy social and family life. For example, if your friends invite you to a night out that might potentially be expensive, consider asking for a rain- check. If you want, add that you’re following a special money diet until your next pay and you hope to see them then. Your friends should understand and support you.

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