Overview of CEIRP

Growing your savings for life after work makes sense. And CEIRP makes saving easy.

Like the growth rings in a tree trunk, your savings start small and grow a little bigger each year. Before you know it, you have a strong foundation for your retirement income.

Whether you’re saving for retirement – or maybe other shorter-term financial goals such as education or buying your first home – CEIRP is committed to providing a diverse selection of plan options and investment choices, to help you make the most of your money.

Contributions and payroll deductions

Contributions to CEIRP may be made by your employer/producer, or voluntarily by you through payroll deductions.

Contributions are processed in-house by payroll through your Local, Guild, Employer or 3rd party administrator. The money is sent to Canada Life where it is allocated to your account as per your investment instructions. And, if you are a member working outside of your jurisdiction, CEIRP’s design allows payroll contributions to make it into your account in a timely manner.

Your investment choices are offered through Canada Life and are carefully monitored by the CEIRP Committee and our advisors.

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Lower fees make a big difference!

You also pay lower investment management fees not typically available to the individual investor. To see the difference this can make, try My group advantage calculator