We can all agree that it’s been a long year and a half for everyone. As each day passes, the sense of renewed freedom is spreading across the country. Despite that, many of the local summertime events have been cancelled again this year. So, what can you do in your own backyard that will help you get away from it all? Here are some cost efficient ideas that will also help support local businesses near you:  

Go on a bike trek

Regardless of where you live, getting around on a bike with friends or family is one of the best ways to explore your town or city. If it’s been a while, take your bike for a tune up at an independent bike shop. While you’re there, consider buying some bike new essentials like a light, a heavy duty lock and a helmet. Now you can look forward to having a safe ride — plus you supported a small business and expert!

Discover a new park

It’s really fun discovering new neighbourhoods, especially if you pick one with a park that you’ve never visited before. Why not make it a picnic afternoon with a few friends? The trick is to buy special treats from the shops close to the park. If you all go someplace different, it’ll turn into a fantastic al fresco potluck! Knowing that you’re supporting specialty shops who are working to get back to full strength will make everything taste even better.

Hit the beach

Doesn’t matter whether you take a streetcar, bus or car to reach a shore near you, getting to the beach is the perfect escape. Be sure to pack just the essentials, because then you can buy a few extras when you get to your destination. Who doesn’t like a double dipped cone from an ice cream truck? Food trucks have had a really hard time during the pandemic, so treating yourself to something cool or something hot like a taco really goes a long way for these business owners. There are also lots of ways to enjoy the water if you don’t feel like swimming. Some waterfronts offer rentals for kayaks, canoes, paddle boarding and sailing. If you’re really adventurous, why not buy a ticket for a sailing cruise or a ferry ride?  

All these possibilities will help you shake off the restrictions of the last year without breaking the bank. The best part is that you and your traveling companions will make new memories in the sun, all while supporting your local businesses.