Regardless of how old you are or how financially savvy, every life stage has an important money-milestone. Here are a few examples:

Twenty-something: You’re starting to work and make money, so now is the time to learn how to budget — and it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. On check out iAcquaint through Resources > Savings tips and download the budgeting guide.

Thirty-something: You have more purchasing power now that you’re more established in your career. During this time in your life, try to put as much as you can afford into your RRSP and general savings. You’ll really appreciate your effort in the long term. Visit Canada Life’s to access RRSP and other financial calculators.

Forty-something: This is a good time to review your financial goals. Canada Life has provided CEIRP members with free dedicated wealth consultants who are ready to give you a hand. Just click here to make an appointment.

Fifty-something: Even though you may have adopted good financial management habits early in your career, you might have a few debts that you need to take care of now before you start to think about retiring. Consider credit counselling to help devise a plan to chip away at debt faster or if you’d prefer to do it yourself, check out iAcquaint through Resources > Savings tips on

60+: As you get closer to retirement, you’ll likely have questions about how you can maintain your lifestyle after you leave work. Now is the perfect time to set up an appointment to speak to a Canada Life Investment and Retirement Manager about the CEIRP RRIF account and the other options available to you. To learn more, visit the Time To Retire page on the CEIRP website.