If you were looking to rent a new apartment, would you know how to check your credit score? Even if you’re not looking to move, having an idea of where you stand with your creditors is another part of having a solid financial plan. The good news is that you can download a free simple report from Equifax. Larger, more detailed reports can be produced for a small fee.

According to the Equifax website, a credit score indicates how well you manage your debts. In particular, it takes into account whether you pay your bills in a timely way each month, if you maintain a low credit balance and how long you have managed your credit. While the organization says that there isn’t a perfect score, ideally you would want to be in the range of 660 and 900 points. It’s important to remember that how you manage your money will have an effect on your score. Equifax suggests that you:

  • Always pay your bills on time
  • Keep your credit card balances low
  • Don’t frequently take on new credit
  • Stay on top of your credit score and make adjustments to your money management when necessary

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