Reminder about CEIRP’s dedicated Investment and Retirement Managers at Canada Life

The fastest way to successfully reach your goals is having a plan. This is especially true for  those close to retirement. Were you aware that Canada Life has three Investment and Retirement Managers dedicated to CEIRP members?

They can help you:

  • Create a plan
  • Decide how much to save
  • Combine your savings
  • Fine-tune your plan as your life changes

Click here to learn more.

The AFC is making an impact, and so can you!

In the AFC’s latest newsletter, they announced that they have helped the entertainment industry community with $1 million in assistance.  Much of this money is sourced through donations from individuals and organizations like the DGC and IATSE, and grassroots fundraising. To learn how you can help, visit the AFC website for more information.

Reminder: RRSP Email Campaign

Have you sent the email to your MP and the Finance Committee yet? If not, click here to do it today!